Belize List Packages

Belize List Packages

Belize List listings are currently free and will be free for the foreseeable future. You can upload up to 4 images, and two documents for a duration of 30 days. Then use the Belize List Member Dashboard to edit and manage your listings, view stats, alerts and messages.
Belize List was created so that Belizeans can have a resource for creating listings for their lands and properties, services, vehicles and so on and to open a gateway for the export of Belize products to the world. Belize List provides the platform for you to become your own boss and grow your business.
If you wish to advertise on Belize List, please email us at
Trial Package (Unavailable)
  • 1 Ad allowed *
  • 7 Days per submission
  • 4 Free Images
  • No free videos
  • No free documents
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Can be purchased only once per user
Basic Package (Unavailable)
  • 2 Ads allowed
  • 10 Days per submission
  • 3 Free images
  • 1 Free Document
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Recommended (FREE)
  • 4 Ads allowed
  • 30 Days per submission
  • 4 Free images
  • 2 Free document
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Premium (Unavailable)
  • 8 Ads allowed
  • 30 Days per submission
  • 12 Free images
  • 2 Free videos
  • 2 Free documents
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Belize List Package



Do I have any trial period so I can try?

Yes, listing services are currently free for all Belizeans.

Is credit card used for the trial period?

No credit card is required to create listings at this time.

How many times can I use trial period?

Since listings are free with some limitation, trial periods are currently disabled.

Why are there only some countries listed when I create a new listing?

Belize List is currently only open for Belize and CARICOM Caribbean community member countries. This may be expanded in the future.

Should I send money to a person or business that has a listing on Belize List?

Please be wise when transacting with sellers and use the “same time” theory. Only exchange cash for items in person and make sure the situation is safe. If it sounds too good to be true, more than likely it is. Exercise caution at all times.

Who can create a listing on Belize List.

Anyone with access to the internet on a mobile phone or computer with an email address. When creating a new account an email is sent to the email address you provide. You must login to your email and confirm.


Email to report any issues with listings or sellers.

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